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This is where the webmaster gets to indulge a little. Since it was thanks to my father, ARM2c Eddie Osborn, that I became involved in this project, here's a litte bit of web space dedicated to him.

He was on the Marcus Island's first cruise to the South Pacific and he got his "Ancient Order of the Deep" and "Imperial Domain of the Golden Dragon" cards issued to him to prove it. The mystery is that he wasn't assigned to the ship nor to VC-21. So what was he doing there?

I originally thought that he was deployed with VB-20, the "Tough Kitties". I've got some pictures of him with that squadron but I've since found that they deployed on the Lexington. I know he was assigned to CASU-7 for awhile, but I haven't got the dates on that.

I'm beginning to think he may have been involved somehow with STAG-1, the secret television guided pilotless bombers, the predeccesor of the cruise missile. I've found that they were aboard during that first cruise. Dad used to build remote controlled model airplanes . . . big ones. He also worked in television in its early days. So that would make sense.

Dad's the guy just under the propeller tip in the photos. He passed away in December of 1999, but he will live on in our memories.



Squadron Patch for the "Tough Kitties"
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vb-20 small

The whole squadron of VB-20 in 1944.
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