We're Going To Kansas City . . . Kansas City Here We Come!

Attention all hands! The Marcus Island Reunion Association will be holding its annual muster in Kansas City this year . . . the city straddling the Missouri River is famous for its Jazz & Bar-BQ. We will fall in for inspection on Wednesday, September 24 (summer whites are optional) and will be dismissed on Sunday the 28th. As always, anyone associated with the U.S.S. Marcus Island (CVE-77), her squadrons (VC-21, VC-87, VOC-1), their families and friends are encouraged to attend. Be sure to let Lillian and Polly Adams know that you're coming!


KC Wyndham Hotel Truman Library Stephenson's
The Wyndham Garden Hotel will host all of our business meetings and rope-yarn sessions. We've arranged a special rate for any hands that choose to berth there.
Arabia Union Station


Click on the compass for all the details and for directions to the Wynham Garden Hotel. There's a lot to see in Kansas City and you can get a preview of some of the things we've got planned for liberty by clicking on the images to the starboard.